Family of Vic woman beg her to return

The family of a Melbourne woman who vanished almost a month ago have pleaded with her to make contact.


Simone Quinlan, 33, of Melton, last used her bank account and mobile phone on August 24.

The mother of two boys was seen driving from a service station about 11pm that night and has not spoken to friends or family since.

Police have not ruled out suspicious circumstances.

“When a person goes missing for this period of time, we certainly have concerns,” Detective Sergeant Graham Hamilton told reporters on Saturday.

“We’re investigating all avenues.”

Ms Quinlan had reached out to friends to find somewhere to stay in the days before she vanished.

Her father, Wayne Quinlan, said he is struggling to express how the family feels following her out-of-character disappearance.

“It’s just a very bad place to be in, not knowing where one of your children are,” Mr Quinlan said.

“If you’re out there, your family loves you, your boys love you, we all love you. We just want you home safe.”

Ms Quinlan was captured on CCTV driving through a Melton service station forecourt about 10.20pm and parking at the rear of the building.

She was seen again about half an hour later, parking at the front of the station before going inside to buy snacks.

Ms Quinlan then got back into the car and drove off.

Police have not found the car she was driving, a vehicle not known to her family.

Det Sgt Hamilton said Ms Quinlan met with a friend while she was parked at the rear of the service station.

“We will continue to investigate everyone that’s involved, particularly those last seen with her,” he said.

“He’s not a person of interest but we are certainly still dealing with him.”

Ms Quinlan’s last Facebook post – in the early hours of August 25 – shows her communicating with a friend, but it does not help the investigation.

A friend reported her missing on September 13.

Ms Quinlan’s youngest son has a birthday next week.